As a parent, you’re busier than ever. So at Inspire Early Learning, we provide a nurturing space your child can flourish in, and you can come together as a family to share in your child’s discoveries.

Inspire Early Learning nurtures your child's....





Critical thinking


Sense of community


Children are a precious part of your family, and they’re also strong, capable learners who are innately curious about their world. That’s why, at Inspire Early Learning, we’ve created an environment that’s dedicated to supporting exploration and building strong foundations for lifelong learning that enriches both the lives of children and families.

Experiences and Adventures
for active learners

Every child develops at their own pace, unveiling their one-of-a-kind interests and talents. Inspire Early Learning’s unique enrichment program supports your child on their special path to learning, growth and discovery.

Creative Opportunities

Creativity and playful exploration are at the core of self-discovery and learning. Our dedicated art space enables your child to express themselves with a wide range of art mediums.

Moving and Shaking

No more running to-and-fro to help your child stay active. A variety of fun classes – from martial arts, dance and yoga – are all included in our program.

Adventurous excursions

Excursions provide Inspire children with the opportunity to experience their community in its real setting. Our fleet of buses enable us to take your child on a variety of exciting adventures outside the centre.

Everyday Explorations

The best discoveries come when your child is supported in exploring their interests. Which is why, our expert educators use thoughtfully placed learning provocations that invite your child to explore, learn and create in a group setting.

Memorable Experiments

Your child will delight in our age-appropriate science experiments, designed to help them explore new ideas and concepts in a collaborative setting. Whilst also, encouraging and nurturing their natural curiosities.

Yummy Delights

Even the most finicky of eaters will adore our delicious menu. Designed by expert Nutritionist & Wellbeing Coach Skye Swaney, our menu is made daily by our onsite cook to deliver maximum nutrition and support for your growing child.

An enriching environment, designed to inspire your child's mind.

Your child’s surroundings play a vital role in shaping their understanding of the world. Inspire’s indoor and outdoor learning environments are thoughtfully designed to foster your child’s curiosity and creativity whilst supporting them in finding their unique strengths.

Expert Educators to guide your child's explorations

We understand how important the first five years of life are in shaping your child’s development and learning. Our devoted educators are experts at transforming each child’s discoveries into teachable moments that enhance their learning experiences.