The Inspire Difference

What sets Inspire apart from other play-based learning centres is our unique, Reggio Emilia inspired approach to early learning and our technology-free environment, all available at an accessible price point.

We put families together


Every family deserves access to quality early learning opportunities. That’s why we’ve designed our program and centre environment to deliver the most innovative early learning centre experience in a family-centred atmosphere.

It’s why we’re the only centre in Australia with a dedicated parents lounge for you to enjoy! Pull up a chair in our relaxing lounge and enjoy a barista made coffee while you catch up on your day, plan the day ahead or share some time with your child.

Preparing children for life, not just school


Our unique school readiness and development programs start from your child’s first day at Inspire, and focus on much more than just their transition into kindergarten.

At Inspire, we look at the development of the whole child – their sense of identity, social and emotional skills, physical skills, communication and language skills, cognitive skills and independence. This holistic approach equips children with the skills and capabilities to not only transition into school, but to interact in their world as capable, independent people. Educators move rooms alongside your child to ensure consistency of learning and development.

Thriving in a technology-free environment

Today’s children are exposed to technology early on. In our after school care centres, we’ve seen the impact of too much technology.

Since children are innately wise and will learn technology as it comes to them, we’ve created a space for them to explore, learn and develop their natural gifts and interests, without the distractions of technology.

The whole family benefits. Your child’s work is preserved in a wooden keepsake box instead of an online portfolio. Our educators also document your child’s learning in a paper-based day journal, so you can spend invaluable, distraction-free time with your child in our parents’ lounge area, sharing in their discoveries.

An enriching program

Our program, centre and philosophy are shaped around the innovative Reggio Emilia approach to early learning. Developed in Italy, this groundbreaking educational philosophy is designed to adapt to each community’s unique culture, needs and environment.

Three core tenets of the Reggio Emilia approach are:

  • Children are innately wise and capable of learning on their own
  • Children have three educators – their teachers, other children and the environment
  • Children express themselves in many ways, or in a ‘hundred languages’

Child-led learning
Our educators choose learning topics and projects based on the children’s interests. Team work is encouraged, enabling children to learn from each other, all while under the guidance of the educator.a

Environment as educator
At Inspire, children are encouraged to explore their surroundings and connect with other children in discovering the natural world and carefully selected materials, placed in key areas by educators.

A hundred languages
Some children love dancing, others prefer painting or exploring or writing. There’s no right or wrong ‘language’ and at Inspire, each child is supported in discovering their unique form of expression.

Give your child the opportunity to thrive at Inspire Early Learning