Our Environment

The perfect place to discover who they are

At Inspire, we believe a child has three teachers – their educators, their peers and the environment.

To support this important third teacher’s role, we’ve created a beautiful, naturally enchanting centre that provides your child with an inspiring space to explore, create and learn.

The purpose-built centre is thoughtfully laid to accommodate all types of play styles and interests, while encouraging both independence and teamwork, and the development of important life skills.

A peek inside

The moment your child enters our centre, they’re greeted with open, inviting spaces that are bathed in natural light. Your child’s creations are displayed alongside their peers, documenting their growth and discovery, and supporting their role as an active caretaker of the space.

Outdoor adventures

Once outside, children have access to an expansive and creative space. Timber play areas invite inquisitive minds to new explorations, planter boxes and compost bins encourage discovery of the natural world, and sustainable water play environments and sand pit equipment deliver vibrant, sensory-rich experiences. Children love our innovative pizza oven where they can learn how to make their own pizzas, and are delighted by our resident Guinea Pigs.

Open-ended materials to enhance exploration

Our centre is filled with beautiful, natural materials to encourage self-expression, creativity and meaningful learning opportunities. Every resource in our centre is purposeful and easily accessible for children, staff and families.

Give your child the opportunity to thrive at Inspire Early Learning