Our Program

Supporting your child’s natural learning instincts

We recognise there is no distinction between play and learning for children. Learning happens all the time! When nurtured, that joy of discovery and curiosity is cultivated into a lifelong love of learning.

Every aspect of our Reggio Emilia inspired program honours each child’s unique learning cycle, so they can develop and thrive at their own pace, unveiling their one-of-a-kind interests and talents.

Experiences and Adventures
for active learners

Our unique enrichment program supports your child on their special path to learning, growth and discovery.

Our program has been shaped by the best education systems around the world. Research has found that children’s minds are most alert and capable of absorbing information in the morning, between 8am – 1pm. That’s why we have a dedicated daily “Be Inspired” time at our centre, run by our team of Specialists between the hours of 8:30 – 10:30am.

Our Specialists are a separate team to our daily centre staff and experts in their fields. During “Be Inspired” time, our Specialists teach structured programs to the children in science, nutrition, language, art and martial arts, to name a few.

Take a look at what some of our programs consists of below.

Scientific discovery
Cambridge-educated scientist and writer extraordinaire Alisa Bryce has partnered with Inspire to create an unforgettable science program, complete with fun, hands-on experiments. These scientific explorations empower child to discover new ideas and build critical thinking skills.

Out and about
While there’s plenty to discover at our centre, we strive to provide your child with a broader understanding of the world and their place in it. Our fleet of buses enable us to take your child on a variety of delightful adventures around the community.

Little artists’ studio – The Atelier
Creating is a form of expression and communication. To foster the development of each child’s unique voice, our centre includes a dedicated art space and specialist art teacher. Your child will have an abundance of art mediums to explore, including a variety of natural, loose and open-ended objects for expressing themselves creatively.

Delightful nourishment
We’ve partnered with Skye Swaney, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist with over 10 years experience, to develop exciting new menus throughout the year. As a mother herself, Skye is passionate about teaching children about the importance of nutrition. Her delicious and nutritious kid-friendly meals centre on whole, in-season foods and healthy portions to further support your child’s learning experience. They are prepared daily in our on-site, professional-grade kitchen by our experienced, full-time cook.

Spirited movers
Exploring new forms of movement is the perfect way to build your child’s confidence and identity. Our expert instructors guide children through fun exercises in martial arts, dance, yoga and more. Our team of 20 black belt martial arts teachers from our after school care business run specialist early learning classes as part of this program.

Working together
Learning to work well with others is an invaluable life skill. Children are encouraged to explore their interests independently and alongside their peers. Team projects build their communication and interpersonal skills, while teaching them how to problem solve collaboratively.

Child-led learning
We believe the environment is a vitally important teacher for your child (visit Our Environment to learn more). Children learn how their world works by observing and interacting with their surroundings. To enhance the discovery, our expert educators set up thoughtful learning provocations that invite the children to learn and explore, according to their interests.

A world of books
Stories nurture the imagination, taking children on exciting adventures and introducing them to new ideas. Our collection of books, songs and nursery rhymes will help build your child’s early literacy skills, curiosity and encourage creativity, as they explore new concepts.

Getting ready for kindergarten
After years in the after school care industry, we understand the challenges children face as they prepare for ‘big kid’ school! Our school readiness program eases the transition and builds your child’s confidence while continuing to nurture their love of learning. Designed by our resident primary school teacher and our Team of Teachers (or TOTS), the program focuses on letters, numbers and creativity within a fun classroom environment.

Give your child the opportunity to thrive at Inspire Early Learning